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Jake Arave


Jake Arave

Jake Arave - We Might (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Jake Arave has always wanted to make sure things are done his way. Call it stubborn or a well-developed case of “who I am”, but Jake uses that attitude to portray his roots, and his life in his music. His new self-titled EP Album pulls in and combines all of Jake’s musical influences and life experiences.

Teaming up with producer Steve Phillips, the pair crank up the guitars and refine the powerful hooks. Combining a strong conviction of decency along with life experience, helps portray that country gentleman mantra that connects Jake with his fans, and nails together Jakes brand of a classier Country music. For proof, look no further than his first single, “Do You Miss Me,” that acknowledges and explores every thought the human heart and mind experiences when surviving and dealing with heartbreak.

Jake has always had a unique way of combining the good ole boy mentality and redneck reality that defines today's hardcore country fan. A little bit rowdy, a little bit sentimental, and a whole lotta hard work. But the songs don't really tell the whole story. This is the man whose singles – "We Might," shows the hope of love lost in this tender power ballad. "Superman With A Farmer’s Tan" gives an All-American boy meets girl love story that aspires to live and achieve the American Dream. "Rescue Me," the token hate song every album should include complete with vengeful tone and minor melodies "Remember This," is the tragic yet beautiful story of life. "Crazy Beautiful You," is the slow tender ballad on the album written for his wife as their wedding song.

Take a certain amount of swagger, add some hard-rocking guitars along with catchy melodies and you have Jake’s recipe for success. Jake pulls inspiration from his favorite artists like Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Justin Moore, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Carrie Underwood, Wade Bowen, and artists from other genres like Brian McKnight, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Elvis, and Frank Sinatra.

To believe in values that last, to embrace what is enough and know it's more than plenty, that is the greatest truth for a man like Jake, who sees no reason to leave behind the experiences and memories of the past that have made him the man he is today

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Jake Arave Live

Jake Arave playing live at the Full Fidelity Songwriter Series

Jake Arave Live


Jake Arave Live at the Full Fidelity Songwriter Series

Do You Miss Me (Single)

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