Nick Passey Salt Lake City, Utah

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Nick Passey


Nick Passey is a Folk singer-songwriter that has been passionately dedicated to the craft of music for most of his life. Born into a family with generations of musicians he was introduced to music at a very young age by his mother, who was a voice teacher, giving him vocal lessons shortly after he began to form words. Starting his first band at the age of 14, Passey began as the lead singer but inevitably merged as the guitarist as well since no one else knew how to play. This initial do-it-yourself attitude on facing roadblocks has catapulted Passey into the musician he is today. With his last album released in 2017, Passey has been hard at work developing his next two albums. He is consistently creating new music that indulges in the struggles of everyday life through a therapeutic, matter-of-fact outlook. As an entertainer, Passey is able to connect to audiences with his humorous and heavy-hearted approach to life’s trials. Regardless of your mood, Passey’s live performances will have you swaying and singing along to the catchy choruses and relatable lyrics.



Building Up My Tolerance

Full Fidelity Artist Nick Passey

Tears Me Up

Full Fidelity Artist Nick Passey

Non Believer

Full Fidelity Artist Nick Passey

Working Through Some Shit

Full Fidelity Artist Nick Passey


Full Fidelity Artist Nick Passey

It Will Be

Performance By Full Fidelity Artist Nick Passey


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