Dennis Beus

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I have a B.S. in English and another in Psychology with 11 books of poetry in the library of congress. I write poetry to express stages of life, either in conflict or not that is progressive to passing through the veil that traps us from being free. Free not to hate, not to judge but for growth of self. Not to hurt another but to help them up to stand at the top of life's mountain and say,"I care!"


She asked me, "Do you remember Dirk's Field

Or did they take that from you too?"

I said, "I do," and she did too...

I never knew I could fly and never wonder

Why I love you-I never wondered.

Like the clouds in the sky, floating high

Against each other; I felt free to touch the

Moon, flipping to my side we rose together.

I never knew I could fly...

I sang to Freedom as she gave me love...

A kindness with a kiss that seemed to flow

Through me; I never knew I could fly.

The mountains stood as we floated around them

And began to blossom forever and a day.

I knew now that God is inside us all and

Is living with a smile of Grace to see

Two in love that way.

I never knew I could FLY!!!

DJ 06/17/2017




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